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Shutdown Monster is a very advanced automatic shutdown tool
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Shutdown Monster is a very advanced automatic shutdown tool. It can be set to turn off your computer automatically in a number of ways. The most basic way in which Shutdown Monster can turn off your computer is by "exact time"; in other words, you say the time, and Shutdown Monster will turn off the computer for you. This is useful for when you want to leave the computer on at night for only a couple of hours, not the whole night. The following method is called "countdown". You set a timer and when it comes to 0, the computer will be turned off. Then, there are two interesting methods. The first one shuts down the computer when a certain file on your system can't be found or is deleted. If you have access to your filesystem from another computer, you can use this to turn the computer off by deleting a file. The other outstanding method is the one that I like the most; it is called CPU Usage. What it does is monitor your computer's processor usage. When the CPU is not being used, the application will send the shutdown command. This means that you can leave your computer moving files or rendering video, or any number of tasks, and the application will automatically know when the process is done.

There is also support for hotkeys and more advanced shutdown methods. Another freebie is an Atomic clock.

José Fernández
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  • Very advanced, yet easy to use
  • CPU usage is an interesting way to turn off a computer
  • Many features
  • Hotkey support


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